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Contemplation by Design

Contemplation by Design (CBD) is a campus-wide, multidisciplinary event designed by BeWell to encourage all members of the Stanford community to enjoy the power of the pause

In November, free events are offered all around campus that further balance, tranquility and creative excellence. Faculty, staff and students will have the opportunity to take a short break from their high-level output of productivity and innovation in order to rest and renew the mind-body-spirit.  

Each event is designed to bring the Stanford community together in recognizing the importance of quieting the thinking mind and refreshing oneself through quiet contemplation. Events include research on the neuroscience of contemplation, skill-building, campus arts and experiences with the natural beauty found right here on campus. 

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Programs offered by the Office for Religious Life:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
12:00pm: Contemplative Skills for P.E.A.C.E., Tia Rich, PhD
5:00 pm: Using Fiction & Poetry to Depen Your Presence to life, Jonah Willihnganz, PhD
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
12:30pm: Carillon Concert & Community-wide Contemplative Pause
Thursday, November 1, 2018
7:45pm: Guided Meditations
12:00pm: Neuroscience of Contemplative Practices, Manish Saggar, PhD
7:00pm: Keynote: Roshi Joan Halifax, Standing at the Edge: Finding freedom where fear & courage meet
9:15pm: Guided Meditation & Reflections on the Keynote, Carole Pertofsky, MEd
9:15pm: Quiet Contemplative Breaks in Student Residences for Stanford Students
Friday, November 2, 2018
7:45pm: Guided Meditations
12:30pm: Ceremonial Healing, Randall Weingarten, MD
5:30pm: Presence Under Pressure: The playful gift of the improviser's mindest, Dan Klein
Saturday, November 3, 2018
8 or 9:15am: Sound Bath for Pausing the Mind & Refreshing the Body, Danny Goldberg
8 or 9:15am: Tu Gu Na Xin - Daoist Breath Work, David Wei
10:30am or 12:15pm: Ethnographic Body Map Workshop, Cari Costanzo, PhD
10:30am or 12:15pm: Herbal & Nutritional Self-Care Skills as Contemplation, Yangdron Kalzang
2:00 or 3:30pm: More Mindful, Less Muddle: Decluttering internal & external life, Pauline Wiles
2:00 or 3:30pm Foundations of Healing Qigong - Circulation, David Wei
5:00pm: The Power of Rest, Alex Pang, PhD
Sunday, November 4, 2018
10:00am: University Public Worship (UPW) with Donal Godfrey, Stanford Memorial Church
11:00am: Conversation with Donal Godfrey, Round Room, Stanford Memorial Church
3:00pm: Sand Mandala Creation & Descriptive Talk, Geshe Lobsang Dorji
3:00 or 4:15pm: Savoring Stanford's Natural Beauty: A campus contemplative walk, Sairus Patel
5:15pm: Contemplative Computing, Alex Pang, PhD
9:00 Compline & Contemplation, Memorial Church
Monday, November 5, 2018
7:45am: Guided Meditations
12:30pm: WorkLife Integration: Creating your success plan, Phyllis Stewart Pires, MA
4:15pm: Savoring Stanford's Natural Beauty: A campus contemplative walk, Sarius Patel
6:00pm: Justice, Compassion & Self-Care, Ron Tyler, JD
7:45pm: Guided Meditations
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
7:45am: Guided Meditations
7:45am: Savoring Stanford's Natural Beauty: A campus contemplative walk
12:00pm: Walking Meditation & Contemplation of Memorial Church Inscriptions, Rev. Joanne Sanders, DMin and Tia Rich, PhD
5:30pm Om Under the Dome, Yoga in Memorial Church
7:00 or 8:30pm: Dream Yoga: Lucid dreaming from the Bön tradition of Tibet, Tenzin Wangyal
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
7:45am: Guided Meditations
8:00am Mindful Yoga, Windhover, Tia Rich, PhD
12:30pm: Awakening to Space & Place, John Barton, MA, Amy Larimer, MA, Dave Lenox, MA
5:45pm: Recording & Listening: Focusing attention to live authentically, Cheri Huber
8:00pm: Labyrinth Walk, Windhover, Rev. Joanne Sanders, DMin, Tia Rich, PhD
Thursday, November 8, 2018
7:45am: Guided Meditations
12:00pm: Contemplative Concert, Bing Concert Hall

View the 2018 Contemplation by Design Summit Schedule of Events



CBD events are designed to help people experience PEACE:

Pause: settle the dynamic, active mind to renew the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Exhale: breathe deeply in stressful situations to restore balance in the nervous system and facilitate the ability to respond skillfully to stressors rather than react or repress. 

Attend: be aware of the present moment experience by mindfully attending to sensations from each of the senses.

Connect: compassionately connect to what is happening now  intrapersonally, interpersonally and as a communitymember — and discern how to relate in ways that sustain health and happiness for oneself and others.

Express: oneself in authentic, creative and compassionate ways —including design, art, scholarship, friendship and community service and volunteering.  

These skills, summarized in the acronym PEACE, offer a way of living by which solutions are created, well-being is enhanced and excellence is sustained.