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Religious Holidays

Major Holy Days 2017-2018

Stanford has long supported faculty, students and staff in observing religious holidays of significance to them. In the complex process of creating the academic calendar, religious holy days are but one of many considerations. The university administration has always been helpful in facilitating communication and encouraging respect and understanding when there are academic calendar conflicts with religious holy days. Most instructors will be cooperative and flexible regarding students’ religious observance when they receive appropriate and early communication. If a student is planning NOT to attend class or take an exam because of a religious holiday, he or she should convey this information to instructors in advance so that the student will not be disadvantaged as a result of religious practice. The Office for Religious Life makes available to faculty, staff and students this list of significant religious holidays at the beginning of each academic year. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Office for Religious Life.

September 2017

1- 4 Eid al-Adha Islam

20 - 22 Rosh Hashanah Jewish

28 - 30 Ashura Islam

29 Yom Kippur Jewish

October 2017

4 -11  Sukkot Jewish

11 Shemini Atzeret Jewish

12  Simchat Torah Jewish

19 Diwali Hindu, Jain, Sikh

20 Birth of Bab  Baha’i

November 2017

1 Samhain Pagan

2 All Saints Day Christian

4 Guru Nanak's Birthday Sikh

12 Birth of Baha’u’llah Bahá’í

29 Advent (begins) Christian

December 2017

8 Bodhi Day Buddhist

12 Our Lady of Guadalupe (Feast Day) Christian

13 -20 Hanukkah Jewish

24 Christmas Eve Christian

25 Christmas Christian

26 Kwanzaa (begins) Pan-African

January 2018

5 Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday Sikh

6 Epiphany Christian

13 Maghi Sikh

February 2018

11 Tu BiSvat Jewish

14 Ash Wednesday Christian

16  Chinese New Year Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist

28 Purim Jewish

March 2018

2 Holi  Hindu

21 Naw Ruz  Bahai

25 Palm Sunday Christian

29 Maundy Thursday Christian

30 Good Friday Christian

30 - 7 Passover  Jewish

April 2018

1 Easter Christian

13 Isra wal Miraj Islam (begins)

14 Vaisakhi Sikh

21 First Day of Ridvan  Bahai

May 2018

2 12th Day of Ridvan Bahai

10 Ascension Day Christian

15 Ramadan Islam (begins)

21 Shavuot Jewish

24Declaration of The Bab Bahai

29Ascension of Baha'u'llah Bahai

June 2018

14 Ramadan ends Islam

15 Eid al-Fitr Islam (begins)

July 2018

10 Martyrdom of the Bab Bahai

31 Tish’a B’av Jewish