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Old Union, 3rd Floor


First there was the Quadrangle, then the Oval – and now Stanford has the CIRCLE! The Office for Religious Life’s Center for Inter-Religious Community, Learning and Experiences, more simply known as the CIRCLE, is located on the third floor of the renovated main Old Union Building. It offers a common room, an interfaith sanctuary, a seminar room, a student lounge area and a library, as well as offices housing a number of Stanford Associated Religions (SAR) member groups and the Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Religious Life.  Colorful and contemplative artwork accentuates its halls and meeting spaces.

As the shape itself connotes – open and inclusive – the CIRCLE is a safe haven for diversity, worship, ritual, meditation, reflection, spiritual and intellectual growth.  It is a welcoming space where religious and spiritual communities can deepen understanding of one another and find common ground together while embracing the particular aspects of their traditions and practices.  Evenings at the CIRCLE in particular are vibrant with regular gatherings of campus religious and spiritual organizations, as well as events sponsored by the Office for Religious Life.

The Office for Religious Life encourages students, staff and faculty to visit the CIRCLE often. The hope and vision is that it continues to be a life-giving and nourishing center for gathering and fellowship – a place that transcends religious boundaries and fosters a multifaith community.

Hours: The CIRCLE is open the same hours as the Old Union building -

Office for Religious Life map